Wipro Bhubaneswar Center Expansion Update!

Wipro, Bhubaneswar

Wipro’s new building at InfoCity, Bhubaneswar to be ready in a month (Jan/Feb 2015) where facilities for 1,800 seats would be available. Wipro to ramp up Bhubaneswar centre headcount to 4000 in next 18 months.

Wipro Bhubaneswar
Wipro Bhubaneswar –  25th January, 2015

Team 101Bhubaneswar posted construction status of Wipro, Bhubaneswar building three months back as:

“Wipro’s InfoCity building construction was paused three-four years back during IT slowdown. The good news is – there is some fresh construction (finishing) activities seen in that building in last few weeks.”

Wipro Bhubaneswar
Wipro Bhubaneswar – 7th November, 2014

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